Ka au Poolipilipi O Kalihi

Giuseppe Randazzo-Fractal Art Using Algorithms

In the olden days there were a man and a woman who loved each other and stole away to hide in the forest without the knowledge of the girl’s parents, and indulged their passion. A little patter of rain fell on them but they paid no attention to it. After a pause, one went to see if the rain had cleared. It had not and they fell asleep. After some time
they awoke, and found the rain still falling and again went to sleep. For several days and nights the two slept and the rain fell. At length they woke and found that their heads had been sharpened and flattened from the long sleep while the rain fell, day and night. Hence it is called Ka au Poolipilipi 0 Kalihi “the rain that sharpens the heads in Kalihi”

Poepoe Coll
HEN: Vol II, p 155