Aerial view of Lanai City in 1929. -Photo Courtesty of the Lāna`i Culture and Heritage Center

Aerial view of Lanai City in 1929. -Photo Courtesty of the Lāna`i Culture and Heritage Center

Urban design, like its sister art architecture,
is a people’s use of an accumulated technological knowledge to control
and adapt the environment for social, economic,
political and religious requirements. It is the method
learned and used by a people to solve the total
programme of requirements for city building. The
city is an element of a people’s spiritual and physical
culture and, indeed, it is one of the highest
expressions of that culture.

Urban design Street and Square : Cliff Moughtin

Docomomo Hawaii is a non-profit group dedicated to promoting public education on the preservation of Modern architecture in the Pacific Islands. Docomomo Hawaii is a subset of a larger entity Do.Co.Mo.Mo_ US
International working party for the documentation and conservation of buildings, sites, and neighborhoods of the modern movement.

The Hawaii chapter of Docomomo US is comprised of members of key local architectural, design, preservation and museum professionals from the private and public sectors. The Hawaii chapter aims to promote public education on Modernism in the islands by cataloguing, preserving, restoring and renovating Hawaii’s unique modern architecture and public art; identifying aspects of the modern movement that are applicable to Hawaii’s environment and culture; conducting an oral history project among senior Hawaii architects and developers of our modern environments; and building a model Docomomo chapter that also has a lot of fun.

Often times we may have forgotten old designs and structures in Hawaii, like Byron’s Drive Inn, The Old Stadium, or Castle Park. Here is a brief disscusion on a related topic called Psychogeography.

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