Ulukau the Hawaiian Electronic Library

Door to open The purpose of Ulukau, the Hawaiian Electronic Library, is to make these resources available for the use, teaching, and revitalization of the Hawaiian language and for a broader and deeper understanding of Hawaiʻi.

Ulukau is a coined word given as the name of this web-based library. The word refers to unexplained supernatural interpretive powers. It is the hope of the authors of Ulukau that in the same way that unexplained supernatural interpretive powers can be divinely given to a person, so knowledge and understanding can come to the person who makes the effort to read the language and the words of this electronic library.

The backbone of the Ulukau is ran on the Greenstone open platform . Developed by with UNESCO support at the University of Waikato, Aotearoa (New Zealand).


The Ulukau Database