Hi ON Pixels Explorations : Volume 7 Random

Hi On Pixels Exploration volume 7 Random. Chaos Theory, Random acts of kindness


Tonights Hi On Pixels Exploration we tempt the laws of chaos to govern our track list. Per request we explore the Genre Of Random. Only the samples played are pre selected. Otherwise all other musical tracks were selected randomly using a bash shell script.

A Collection Of Chow Yun-Fat Movies VHS format

A Collection of Chow Yun Fat Movies:
Tai Seng Box set: Including
Full Contact
Prison On Fire II
A Better Tomorrow II

Jennifer from Arizona will be receiving this random item from our studio as a prize for selecting tonights genre.

Thank you for Participating Jenifer.

Tonights track list
The Meters- I Need More Time – From the album The very best of the meters
IO ECHO – When The lillies Die-From the album Ministry Of Love
Robocop title NES from the 1989 Robocop Nintendo Game Soundtrack
Lovelock maybe tonight from the brillant works of Steve Moore
Black flag – Rise Above from the album Music Form A Film by Harmony Korine
The Free Pop Electronic Concept – Cosmic Rhythms – Cool Rasta
Clock DVA – Velvet realm – From the album Buried Dreams
A Place To Bury Strangers – I lost you – from the album Onwards to the wall
Fucked up – Crusades – from the album Hidden World
Anonymous – Vespers hymn- O lux beata trinitas – from the album Darkness Into Light
T-rex – Hot Love – from the Best of T-Rex
Butthole surfers – The one I love – from the masterpiece Double live

Here is the Kevin Kelly lecture: Access Is Better Than Ownership – Mentioned in the show.

Mahalo for listening


Hi ON Pixels Explorations : Volume 6 Folk

HOPE 6 Folk

A change of mood for tonight’s exploration.

Track List

1969:Townes Van Zandt – Our Mother the mountain – from the album Our Mother The Mountain
1973:Terry Reid – Seed Of Memory from the album Seed Of Memory
1973:Nick Drake – Sunday from the album Bryter Layter
1985:Death In June – Leper Lord – Nada!
2001 : Current 93 – All the pretty little horsies from the album All The Pretty Little Horsies
2005:Six Organs of Admittance – Procession Of Cherry Blossom Spirits from the album School Of The Flower
2005: Iron & Wine – Upward Over The Mountain from the album The Creek Drank the cradle
2007:Leonard Cohen – Sisters of mercy from the album Songs of Leonard Cohen
2007: Matt Ellioot – The Ghost of Maria callas from the album Failing Songs
2008: Bon Iver – Flume from the album For Emma, Forever Ago
2009: Marrisa Nader – Ghosts & Lovers from the album Little Hells
2009: ROME – To die among strangers from the album To Die Among Strangers
2009: James Blackshaw Cross from the album The Glass Bead Game
2010: Jane Weaver – Hud a Llefrith – from the album The Fallen By Watchbird
2010: Hush Arbors – Bones of a thousand Suns from the album Landscape Of Bone
2010: Bonny Prince Billy Merciless and Great – The Wonder Show of the world
2011: Tamikrest – Fassous tarahet from the album Tounmastin
2012: Chelsea Wofle – The Way We Used to from the album Unknown Rooms
2013: Mazzy Star – Lay Myself Down from the album Seasons of your day

Here is the two artists I recommended from the list:

Trailer for the Album “Toumastin”

Trailer for the album Chatma (My sisters). A tribute to the woman and children who are often the victims of wars.

Bonnie Prince Billy:


Hi ON Pixels Explorations : Volume 5 Dub

The High On Pixels Explorations Vol 5 Dub

Yet another midnight session completed of the High On Pixels Explorations.


Track List:

1972:Dub Specialist — Always Dubbing – from the album STUDIO ONE DUB VOL. 2
1988: King Tubby – Soundboy Massacre – from the album Crucial Dub
1992: Alpha and Omega – Solomon and Sheba – from the album Watch And Pray / Overstanding
1994: Painkiller – Parish Of Tama – From the album Execution Ground.
1996: The Creation Rebel – Independant Man Part 2 – from the album On-U Sound – Dub Xperience: The Dread Operators
2009: Mount Kimbie – Serged from the album Sketch On Glass
2001: Twilight Circus Dub Sound System: Fams – from the album Volcanic Dub
2001: King Jammy Meets Dry & Heavy – Harmony Dub – From the album In the Jaws Of The Tiger
2003: Gregory Isaacs – Heatwave – from the album: In Dub: Dub a de Number One
2007:Deadbeat – Melbourne Round Midnight from the album Journeyman’s Annual
2009:Kanka – Skunky – from the album Righteous Storm
2009:Demdike Stare -Haaxan Dub from the album Symbiosis
2010: Flying Lotus – Quakes – From the album IIOIO
2013: The Haxan Cloak – Dieu – from the album Excavation
2013: Forest Swords – The Weight Of Gold – From the album Engravings


Hi ON Pixels Explorations : Volume 4 Glitch

Hi On Pixels Glitch

Thank you for your email submittals. As stated in the broadcast. I am attempting a step into Minimalism and in doing so will be giving away random items from my studio/room. How can you win such a lucky prize? If I pick your suggested genre I will send you a random item from my room via Postal Mail.

Submit all Genre requests to

Here is your track guide:
1991: Coil – Disco Hospital from the album – Loves Secret Domain
1999: Alex Empire – Black Sabbath – from the album Miss Black America
2005: Venetian Snares – Twelve – from the album Infolepsy Ep
2007: DEV/Null – Goblin – from the album Lazer Trash
2008: Flying Lotus – Robertaflack (Mike Slotts other mix) from the album L.A Limited
2009: Prefuse 73 – Four reels Collide – from the album Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian
2010: The Books – Group Augentics- from the album The Way out
2010: Madlib -Tradition – from the album Beat Konducta In Africa
2011: Made In heights -Goblin Sigh (Wildflowers Instrumental) – from the album Aporia In the Streets
2012: Datacat – Santogold [datacat X tapeworm] from the album 9 Doors
2012:Fancy Mike – Hipster Crack – from the album Madison Square Gardner
2012: Shigeto – Ann Arbor Part 3 & 4 – Lineage
2012: Jai Paul- Baby Beats – from the album Jai Paul
2012: Dan Deacon – Guilford Avenue Bridge – from the album America
2012:ZongaMin – Zongamin – Bongo Song (Mr Flash Remix) – from the album No Lovie Frenchie
2013:Darkside:Golden Arrow – From the album TBA

This is the book by Rosa Menkam I quoted The Glitch Momentum


Hi ON Pixels Explorations : Volume 3 Yacht Rock

Hi On Pixels Vol 3 yacht rock


I present the High On Pixels Vol 3 Yacht Rock.

Tonights Tracks list.

197X: Dr Teeth & The Electric Mayhem Chopin
1973: ELO: Track entitled Showdown – from the album Third Day
1975: Country Comfort: Track: Make it with you from the album We are the children
1975: 10cc: Track entitled- Im not in love from the album The Original
1977: Steely Dan – from the album AJA
1977:Player” Baby Come back” from the album Baby Come Back
1993: Greenflow – I gotcha from the album Gotcha
1999:Groove Armada – Dusk you and me from the album Vertigo
2000: Handsome Boy Modeling School- Sunshine: From the importSunshine
2010: Gayngs “The Gaudy Side Of Town ” From the Live performance The Last Prom on Earth
2011: The Step Kids – Legends in my own mind from the album The Stepkids
2011: Toro Yi Moi – Divina from the album Underneath the pine
2013: Inc – The Place from the album No World
2013: Vondelpark Dracula from the album Seabed

Mahalo for your emails and for supporting the show.


Hi ON Pixels Explorations : Volume 2 KVLT Rock


Track List:

01 1982 Venom – Track:The Witching Hour from the album Welcome to Hell
02 1982 Pagan Altar – Track:The Black Mass from the album Pagan Altar
03 1984 Slayer- Track: Black magic from the album Live Undead
04 1998 Celtic Frost – Track : Procreation of the wicked from the album Morbid Tales
05 2004 Sun Burned The Hand Of Man – Track Every direction/The first degree from the album No Magic Man
06 2008 Grails – track : Belgan Wake Up Drill from the album Black Tar Prophecies
07 2008 Menace Ruine – Track The Die is Cast from the album The Die Is Cast.
08 2010 Death Spell Omega- Track: Abscission from the album Paracletus
09 2011 Subrosa – Track:Borrowed Time Borrowed Eyes from the album No Help for the Mighty Ones
10 2011 Earth – Track: Hell’s Winter from the Album Angels Of Darkness, Demons oF Light vol 1
11 2012 Chelsea Wolfe Track:Pale on Pale from the Album Apokalypsis
12 2012 Aluk Todolo Track Occult Rock from the Album Occult Rock
13 2013 Altar Of Plagues – Track:Scald Scar of Water from the album –Teethed Glory & Injury


Hi ON Pixels Explorations : Volume 1 Post Minimalism



Tonight we are introducing a new segment called the Hi ON Pixels Explorations. We basically select a user submitted genre (this week is Post Minimalism) and select an hour’s worth of tracks form our records. We then play the soundscape at 11 PM Oahu time to midnite for your listening pleasure.

Please submit any genre requests to Hionpixels@gmail.com.

Track list

01 1971 : Terry Riley and John Cale – Church of Anthrax from the album Church of Anthrax.
02 1971 : Kraftwerk track: Franz Schubert from the album Trans Europe Express
03 1984 : 23skidoo -track: Drunken Reprisal from the album Urban Gamlan.
04 1994 : Aphex Twin – track: Hexagon from the album: Selected Ambient Works
05 1999 : COH – track :Silence is golden from the album: Vox Tinnitus.
06 2012 : Pye Corner Audio – track: They Know from the ep single.
07 2012 : Burial – track: Truant / Rough Sleeper from the single: Truant / Rough Sleeper.
08 2013 : Halls – track: White Chalk from the album: Ark
09 2013 : Young echo – track:Jupiter Rise from the album: Nexus
11 2013 : Pantha Du Prince and The Bell Laboratory – track: Wave from the album: Elements of Light
12 2013 : Boards Of Canada -track: Reach For the Dead from the album: Tomorrow’s Harvest.