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Living in Hawai`i, we are very luck to be a part of a very unique and involved community of local hobbyists that are extremely passionate for their cause. Of course, I’m speaking of the local aquarist scene. I’m not sure if it’s our proximity to the ocean (Father Dagon be praised), or the variety of mixed Asian and other cultures that have formulated this environment, but the fish enthusiast that wishes to find another passionate comrade doesn’t have to look very hard.
One such an organization that has been encouraging local aquarium hobbyists to gather together and share their knowledge and experience for a number of years is the Honolulu Aquarium Society. At their meetings every first Friday of the month, members are welcome to join in on educational presentations on aquarium related topics, participate in the society sponsored auction and raffle, and just have an all around good time discussing their favorite fishy things with those of a similar sense of sanity! If you’re interested in becoming a member, or even just in stopping by and seeing what the HAS is all about, follow the link below for more information.

And even if you’re not a hybrid child of the sea, feel free to come down and seek me out as well! Mother Hydra be praised!

Honolulu Aquarium Society Web Site
Honolulu Aquarium Society Forum

Article by contributor Mike Limatoc