How to avoid a fire fight at a Dim Sum Restaurant

Hard Boiled Chow Yun Fat

Leave My Deep Fried Shrimp ALONE!

Do you remember the beginning of John Woo’s 1992 Classic Hard Boiled, when the brawl broke out at the Dim Sum restaurant? Choy Yun-Fat brandishing two hand guns and blazing away as someone took his deep fried shrimp? Not exactly the truth. In fact, that was a Tea- House, and there was no dim sum in reach. However, whenever I eat at local dim sum restaurants, such as Legend Seafood Restaurant, Royal Garden Chinese Restaurant, or Happy Days Seafood Restaurant, I feel that my lack of etiquette will sometimes bring about the City on Fire Works rage of the servers.
The guide bellow will not save you from torrents of Triad gunfire .Rather think of the guide as preventative maintenance where you can avoid an altercation all together.

Your Bullet Proof Vest: Aka The Essential Guide to Dim Sum.